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List of Elimination Chamber Matches

This is a complete list and information about all the officially booked Elimination Chamber matches in the history of iTNA.

Fun Facts and records:
* Most Eliminations Overall in Elimination Chamber: TLKiller990 (5)
* Most Eliminations in a single Elimination Chamber: Fowler5 tied with Maven, Sherby & Travis (3)
* Most Participations in Elimination Chamber: Kaneki (4 matches)
* Most match wins of Elimination Chamber: Sherby (2) tied with TLKiller990 (2).
* Kaneki has been eliminated 1st, three times. (four times if we include Kumar)
* Elimination Chamber match was featured on two One Night Stand iPPV editions, 2014 and 2020.

X-Wars May 6th, 2014 Edition (Location: JN International Stadium, Calicut, India)
Stipulation: #1 Contender for the X-Division Championship
Time Elapsed: 22:38
1st ever Elimination Chamber match in history.
Kaneki (1st Eliminated) by Travis
Hulk (2nd Eliminated) by Heisenberg
villain (3rd Eliminated) by Aaron
Aaron (4th Eliminated) by Travis
Heisenberg (5th Eliminated) by Travis
Travis (Winner)

iTNA One Night Stand iPPV, July 28th, 2014 Edition (Location: Harman-Geist Stadium, Hazleton, Pennsylvania, USA)
Stipulation: iTNA X-Division Championship
Time Elapsed: 21:36
Kaneki (1st Eliminated) by Hulk
Psycho_Mantis (2nd Eliminated) by Hulk
villain (3rd Eliminated) by Lampard
Hulk (4th Eliminated) by Lampard
Lampard (c) (5th Eliminated) by Sherby
Sherby (Winner)

X-Wars "Contendership-Wars", September 6th, 2014 Edition (Location: Sylhet International Stadium, Sylhet, Bangladesh)
Stipulation: #1 Contendership for the iTNA Intercontinental Championship
Time Elapsed: 20:14
Vegeta (1st Eliminated) by D_Bryan
vichu (2nd Eliminated) by D_Bryan
D_Bryan (3rd Eliminated) by Fowler5
Sherby (4th Eliminated) by Fowler5
LAPD (5th Eliminated) by Fowler5
Fowler5 (Winner)

Anarchy, June 5th, 2015 Edition (Location: Croke Park, Dublin, Ireland)
Stipulation: Vacant iTNA World HeavyWeight Championship
Time Elapsed: 15:05
Kaneki (1st Eliminated) by TaylorSwift
H}{H (2nd Eliminated) by Himmler
TaylorSwift (3rd Eliminated) by Kazuno
Fowler5 (4th Eliminated) by Kazuno
Kazuno (5th Eliminated) by Himmler
Himmler (Winner)

iTNA One Night Stand iPPV, May 16, 2020 Edition (Location: Harman-Geist Stadium, Hazleton, Pennsylvania)
Stipulation: iTNA Intercontinental Championship / If Champion manages to retain, he gets an iTNA world title shot.
Time Elapsed: 01:01:36
FutureTrunks (1st Eliminated) by TLKiller990
Vegeta (c) (2nd Eliminated) by TLKiller990
Tamjuk (3rd Eliminated) by Sherby
TLKiller990 (4th Eliminated) by Sherby
Kaneki (5th Eliminated) by Sherby
Sherby (Winner)

iTNA No Way Out iPPV, July 27, 2020 Edition (Location: Fernando Buesa Arena, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain)
Stipulation: iTNA X-Division Championship
Time Elapsed: 25:55
Kumar (1st Eliminated) by Fowler5
vichu (c) (2nd Eliminated) by oddset
oddset (3rd Eliminated) by CaptainCharisma
CaptainCharisma (4th Eliminated) by H}{H
H}{H (5th Eliminated) by Fowler5
Fowler5 (Winner)

RIOT Ep 36, December 12, 2020 Edition (Location: Little Caesars Arena, Detroit, USA)
Stipulation: #1 Contendership for the iTNA Intercontinental Championship
Time Elapsed: 01:12:12
DrewMcIntyre (1st Eliminated) by TLKiller990
Josh (2nd Eliminated) by Maven
Kumar (3rd Eliminated) by Maven
Tamjuk (4th Eliminated) by Maven
Maven (5th Eliminated) by TLKiller990
TLKiller990 (Winner)

Elimination Chamber 2020 iPPV, December 27 (Location: Vikingskipet, Hamar, Norway)
Stipulation: #1 Contendership for the iTNA World Championship
Time Elapsed: 00:34:10
Vegeta (1st Eliminated) by Tamjuk
Tamjuk (2nd Eliminated) by Kumar
Kumar (3rd Eliminated) by Maven
Nitro (4th Eliminated) by Maven
Maven (5th Eliminated) by TLKiller990
TLKiller990 (Winner)

Destination X 2021 iPPV, April 24th (Location: Intrust Bank Arena, Wichita00, Kansas, USA)
Stipulation: iTNA Patriot Championship
Time Elapsed: 00:22:11
Eneru (c) (1st Eliminated) by BrockLesnar
Insidious (2nd Eliminated) by Keerthi
Nitro (3rd Eliminated) by 2.oddset
BrockLesnar (4th Eliminated) by 2.oddset
2.oddset (5th Eliminated) by Keerthi
Keerthi (Winner)

Elimination Chamber 2021 iPPV, December 21st (Location: Yamada Green Dome, Maebashi, Japan)
Stipulation: iTNA World Championship
Time Elapsed: 00:33:00
Josh (1st Eliminated) by Kumar
d__dil_Pakistan (2nd Eliminated) by vichu
vichu (3rd Eliminated) by Montezuma (c)
Montezuma (4th Eliminated) by Tamjuk
Kumar (5th Eliminated) by Tamjuk
Tamjuk (Winner)
Edited by Anonymous GM on 24.12.2021
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