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iTNA-Ref bot scripting log/journal
Patch v6.3.97 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed Strap match bug. The last turnbuckle touch would not work anymore due to a "Rating system" script override. (Thanks to Vegeta for this bug report)
  • Fixed interference+ perk. It wouldn't work properly. (Thanks to H}{H for this bug report)
  • Modified the interference+ perk so that you don't need to have any of the match participants set as ally or enemy. You simply pick who you want to attack via "/msg iTNA-Ref !interfere <nick>". This only works if you have an interference+ item in your inventory. (No need for activation prior to the match). Once used, the item will be consumed from your inventory
  • Modified Tag Team bouts 5 whips per turn script. Due to abuse of tagging in and tagging out just to get more whips, now whips are reduced to 3 per turn/ per player. So you can only tag in once and get three more whips, after that, you MUST make a move other than whip or tag. (Thanks to Fowler5 for this suggestion).
  • Fixed a major bug where the match wouldn't end properly when a new user would have a match. This was due to "prevrank" variable which was later implemented.
  • Added No Surrender Match type. (1on1, 3Way, 4Way, 2/3, 3/4 & TagTeam).
  • Added help for No Surrender match type in !Help.
  • Player switch time has been drastically reduced for eXtreme match type due to people not actually getting the chance to even be in the match. (Thanks to H}{H for this suggestion).
  • Fixed major bug in Elimination Chamber match type where the match wouldn't finish properly due to the "ChamberWarrior" achievement unlock script. (Thanks to Tamjuk for this bug report).
  • Fixed DoubleTag+ perk bug where if both teams would purchase a doubletag+, only one would be able to use the extra double tag move. I made it so that if both teams activate it, they will cancel each other's perks and get sent back into their inventories. (Thanks Maven for this bug report).
  • Fixed bug for Match rating where the bot wouldn't know what to do if the right criteria for a legendary match wasn't met yet the match would be a 5star. Now it will give you the points for the 5 star even if it's not Legendary. (Thanks to Fowler5 for this bug report).

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Extra info line added as a notice to end-user for less flood on public room. (Applied to !titles, !tournaments, !trophies & !retiredtitles.)
  • Added more info into "Did you know". Removed and modified some as well.
  • Updated iTNA tips file.
  • Updated iTNA tips file v2.
  • Updated newbies forum thread.
  • Updated iTNA iPPVs List page. Added full histories and dropdown buttons for each iPPV. Added the discontinued iPPVs as well.
  • Updated the Stables HOF Page.
  • Added all discord title histories to the actual refbot. it will show in people's bios now if they had the title.
  • Added more info into "Did you know". Removed and modified some as well.
  • Removed retired titles old code from new code as it was taking space for absolutely nothing.
  • Added H0LLYWOOD Memorial and Jewser Tag Team Classic to the renametitles sequence code.
  • Added the Discord title to the !retiredtitles trigger.
  • Added iwwf title history into iTNA title history.
  • Fixed a few typos and punctuation mistakes in the Last Ride match.
  • Fixed a small typo in the Interference script.
  • Fixed html iframe for the achievements website page.
  • Made it so that when an account is transferred to Alumni, the funds are set to 0 so that the inactive user doesn't appear in active !Forbes list. (Funds will be kept in the database in case the user returns)
  • Made it so that when an account is transferred to Alumni, his mask and mask prestige are removed so that the inactive user doesn't appear in active !luchadores list. (Mask will not be returned upon returning, the user will have to buy a new mask).
  • Modified the cgi roster file to fix a bunch of code and to add Legends link to the bottom page.
  • Added the iwwf title to !federation and to !retiredtitles, same for discord title.
  • Added No Surrender match type to m.roulette variables.
  • Removed MemoServ match notification for supervisors. It's pointless since we now have !matchfeed and !lastmatches.
  • A couple of minor typos fixed in MarketZone. (Thanks to Tamjuk for this bug report).
  • Fixed the extra "&&&" characters that were displayed randomly when someone would try to check !Infotournament for WorldCup.
  • Fixed minor typo in the H0LLYWOOD memorial tournament command.
  • Fixed a match rating bug where the bot would report it as a 4.5 but would award a 5 star. (Thanks to Tamjuk for this bug report).
  • Fixed minor typo in match rating variable for match report.
  • Fixed bug where spinebuster was viewed as a pin by the bot. (Thanks to Maven for this bug report).
  • Fixed Roulette Tag Team match start bug. (Thanks to Tamjuk for this bug report.)
  • Fixed typos in the WOTM html page. (Thanks Maven.)
  • Fixed ladder help section typo. (Thanks Tamjuk.)
  • Fixed bug on Manager perk where the bot would let you use !heyman in a non-TV match. (Thanks to Kumar for this bug report).
  • Fixed minor typo in LastRites match. (Thanks Tamjuk.)
  • Updated/Fixed the !ippvs and !upcomingippv commands.
  • Added an extra help line for newly registered bot users about their pending accounts.
  • Updated the marketzone page and spellchecked.

AI Bot:
  • Fixed the auto !healme variable in the autobots. Now they should heal on their own after the injury or if a match is started and they're injured, they'll stop and heal.
  • Removed KO & FirstBlood until better development.
  • Fixed Roulette match type.
  • Re-added automation to Pentagon. Now everyone can play him as well.
  • Fixed Lighttubes match bug where it wouldn't know what to do if the light tubes weren't on the ground.
Patch v6.4.25 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed major Manager perk bug where the perk wouldn't work after the last update due to a variable displacement. Added extra var set for TV matches as %TVmatch so the bot cannot get confused again in this type of scenario. (Thanks to Kumar for this bug report).
  • Added automatic lottery end and start script timer. So I don't have to check it all the time to see if 7 days passed. Now the bot will check and if 7 days passed, it will auto end and restart the lottery.
  • Fixed the WOTM points to work for 2/3, 3/5, and 4/7 falls match types.
  • Fixed the WOTM points to work for 3StagesofHell match types.
  • Fixed the Stable points to work for 2/3 Falls Tag Team match types. (Thanks to vichu for this bug report)
  • Fixed the Stable points to work for 2/3/3/5/4/7 match types. (Thanks to vichu for this bug report)
  • Fixed WOTM script bug where the bot would add random names to the wotm pts system file.
  • Fixed WOTM script bug where the bot wouldn't know what to do when a 3way or 4way was done. (Thanks to Tamjuk for this bug report).
  • Scripted WOTM points for 3-Way, 4-Way, Triangle, FourCorners, Elimination 3 and 4-Ways and 2on1 Handicap match.
  • Added Kickout perk. Buy it from the marketzone and use it during the match with !Kickout at any time after activating it.
  • Added Betrayal perk. Buy it from the marketzone and use it to betray your tag team partner during the match. Please see the marketzone link for extra info on this.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed match announcement line for hardcore 3/5 falls match. It wouldn't display the match info when starting it. That was because of the "No Surrender" match addition, which caused a slight bug.
  • Fixed bfgcount achievement match ending glitch.
  • Modified some WOTM script text.
  • Added auto timer set for lottery status checkup.
  • Added pot number into the public lottery announcement.
  • Fixed issue in stat variable where if the user didn't have any 5star matches the bot would display just blank instead of 0.
  • Fixed issue in stat variable where if the user didn't have any luchas matches the bot would display just blank instead of 0.
  • Made it so that if you don't have at least a lucha match on your account, the !stat won't display the entire "Luchas de Apuestas" line.
  • The bot will now keep track of every WOTM and it will be added to the WOTM winner's account and displayed in !stats (will be added to website bio stats as well in the future).
  • Fixed most of the oversized website banners.
  • Recentered the title of the WOTM page. It was misplaced since the last update.
  • Removed stable ranking page code banner and replaced with iframe new banner.
  • Fixed minor html error on iTNA title history.
  • Fixed Manager perk 3count glitch. The bot would continue with the pin and wouldn't give you the chance to !heyman.
  • Significantly reduced the prices for MillionDollar belt shot and buy. to 35k for a shot and 80k for a direct title win.
  • Raised the bonus points for MillionDollar belt win and defense. 5 pts for a win and 5 pts for defense.
  • Lowered the points you lose if you lose the MillionDollar belt from 10 to 3. I increased the cash loss when losing the belt though, to 5k.
  • Changed the entire color theme back to orange.

AI Bot:
  • Fixed bug where the bot wouldn't read the "AI should make another move now!" variable. (Thanks to snug00r for this bug report.)
  • Fixed bug where the bot wouldn't read the "Referee didn't notice opponent going through the table" variable. (Thanks to Vegeta for this bug report.)
  • Added Auto-Buy for Lottery Tickets. The AI bots will now auto-buy the tickets on their own.
Patch v6.4.57 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Modified the Ladder match in 4Way and 3Way match types. Increased the switch player timer and decreased the timer for player taking too long to make a move. This is to avoid long-ass matches in Ladder 4-Way or 3-Way due to stalling or people playing from phones. This will help the match to go by faster.
  • Completely re-wrote the match rating system as it was too buggy to fix.
  • Added 5-Star bonuses for P3, P4, P5 & P6 as well.
  • From now, 5-Star matches will not award bonus points anymore, only $5000 cash for everyone involved in the match.
  • From now, Legendary matches will award 5 bonus points & $8000 cash for everyone involved in the match. Might as well make it official as this information was not given until now: UNLESS the match is a main event in a TV/iPPV card, it will never receive a legendary rating.
  • Each player that is involved in a 5-Star or a Legendary match, will have the match added to their stats, except over 6 men match types.
  • Added !topbugfix : A command that will display the top5 bug fixers and the number of bugs they found for iTNA-Ref. (Thanks to Tamjuk for this suggestion).
  • Added BattleZone match type. Please see !Help BattleZone for info.
  • Added TIME LIMIT tag for matches. Now you can set a time limit for certain match types. How does this work: A time limit is set between 5 and 30 minutes, if nobody manages to score a pinfall or a submission in the given time limit, the match ends with a no contest. This is great for storylines and for titles like Patriot which is mostly about Pure Wrestling and fairness. For example, if you can't beat the champion in the given time limit, the title does not change hands! This tag is only available in match types that can end in a pinfall or submission, Elimination style and multiple falls match types do not work with Time Limit tag. Example of how to set a time limit match: !match regular 1on1 name1 name2 crowd/on none none timelimit:10 SHOW/iPPV (This will set a regular match with a timelimit of 10 minutes.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Added a minor command to add some past wotm wins for users since the last update started keeping track of that.
  • Fixed some color glitches in the scripts. Edited a few messages as well.
  • Fixed error code in !suspended trigger display text.
  • Fixed color code in the Automatic iTNA lottery announcement. Also modified the announcement a little bit.
  • Changed timers for Lottery and UV title auto checkups from 20 minutes to 30 minutes for less spam in the console.
  • Auto-update has been turned back up. It will auto check itself for need of update and it will auto-update every three days, regardless if a user already used !Update.
  • Incorporated title names into the Ladder and TLC matches action text. Instead of TITLE, it will specify which titles are being handled in the match type, if any.
  • Fixed small error on the !Update trigger. It wasn't displaying the confirmation message after asking it to update.
  • Added correct discord server to website settings.
  • Made randomized code for the main website banner. Each time you go on the website, you will get a random banner.
  • Made it so that when you click on the main website banner, it takes you back to HOME page. (Thanks to Avernus for this suggestion).
  • Removed match ending messages that would announce the bonus points for 5-star and legendary matches. This in turn will be /noticed directly to the player, for less spam in the main channel.
  • Removed special event points addon for Ladder tagteam, left it like any other ladder subtype.
  • Added "TheLegend" achievement unlock for P3 to P6 if they are in the match.
  • Added extra announcing messages for when a health:off or a timelimit tag is set for the match.
  • Fixed a bug where upon injury, the bot would glitch in adding it to the overall achievements file.
  • Added harder odds for throw in BattleZone match type.
  • Added hardcore endings to BattleZone match type.
  • Added barbedwire move & weapons to BattleZone match type.
  • Fixed some color code errors in Battle Zone match type.
  • Added the option to add a name for your manager perk. You can do so by typing /msg iTNA-Ref !bioadd Manager <Your Manager's Name>. It will be used during a Manager intervention.
  • Added help section for Battle Zone match type.
  • Added extra info for Manager Activation perk.
  • Unrestricted !Inventory command during matches. You can now check your inventory while a match is on.

AI Bot:
  • N/A.
Patch v6.4.69 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed major exploit in tag matches. If the referee was down and people wanted to stall until the ref would get up they would tag each other until the ref would wake up. Now, if you tag in and out like that, multiple times in a row, the referee wake-up timer will reset each time and the ref will never get up if you keep doing that.
  • Added tag exploit fix to 6ManTagTeam and SurvivorSeries match types as well.
  • Added Asian Mists perks. Green Mist, Burning Mist & Dark Mist. Green Mist & Burning Mist are minor perks and Dark Mist is a Serious Perk. Green Mist will hinder your opponent's ability to use !h for a certain amount of time. Burning Mist will hinder your opponent's ability to use !h for less time than Green Mist, but will deal damage. Dark Mist will hinder your opponent's ability to use !h for an extended period of time and will cause more damage than Burning Mist. Please refer to the marketzone page for full help & info. https://i-tna.net/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=5111
  • Fixed major glitch in Three Stages of hell match. WOTM & Achievements Modules would not know what winners and losers were as other modules would turn that off upon finishing the match.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed some typos in the automatic crowd cheering systems.
  • Changed the colors of the crowd cheers.
  • Fixed minor underline text error in automatic timer notice for auto-update.
  • Changed iTNA Undisputed championship back to iTNA World Championship.
  • Fixed bug where "No touching the referee in pure rules matches!" message would randomly pop up. It was due to the world of certain moves matching the move block in a Pure Match type. It might still occur but as this happens, I will narrow it down and fix all of them.
  • Fixed small space bug in the KICK OUT perk message. (Thanks to Tamjuk for reporting this).
  • Added /me taps out for players to use when they're out of Sub HP and there's no way out so instead of waiting for that 10 count for submission, they can just do /me taps out and the match ends.
  • Added Asian Mists to disqualification module.

AI Bot:
  • N/A.
Patch v6.4.74 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Created new match type: The UltraViolent Match. Works like a Battle Royal. Throw your opponents over the top rope, but in this match type, you can pin and submit people as well, only to become interim UV champ during the match. If you hold the belt, you can't be eliminated.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Made it so that the UltraViolent Match won't start without the UltraViolent Championship.
  • Fixed bug where the bot would award an exta $1000 for non-TV BattleZone/UltraViolent invitationals.
  • Added special Health display for UltraViolent match type as well.
  • Added help for UltraViolent match type.

AI Bot:
  • N/A.
Patch v6.5.03 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Added new match type: Doomsday Cage match basically a Triple Cage. please see !help DoomsdayCage for more information.
  • Added new match type: Electrified Cage match. Please see !help ElectrifiedCage for more information.
  • Made it so that in the UltraViolent invitational, after every new interim UV champ, the health resets back to 95hp. This gives people an extra reason to be the interim champ during the match.
  • Modified the Doomsday cage match. You need to table your opponent in the 2nd cage, in order to advance to the 3rd cage. In the 3rd cage, you need to set a ladder and climb it to grab the object/title, in order to win.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't use "taps out" if sub-health was out.
  • Restricted submission moves in UltraViolent match type. (Thanks to Kumar for finding this).
  • Fixed colors for lastmatches and matchfeed a bit.
  • Made it so that when the UltraViolent title is vacant and an UltraViolent Invitational is set, when the match starts, a random interim champ is set.
  • Added extra help info for the UV Match type.
  • Added extra in the match information for the UV match type. Now !match during the UltraViolent match type will display the Current UltraViolent Champion as well.
  • Modified the !Help match delimitators because it was too confusing to read.
  • Replaced halt reps with a return for each !help item due to the trigger being used during a match, this was done to avoid any mishaps.
  • Switched match categories for money win percentage for BarbedCage (Made it a Cat2 from Cat4 match type payment.)
  • Switched match categories for money win percentage for LastRites (Made it a Cat3 from Cat1 match type payment.)
  • Added help for Doomsday Cage Match type.
  • Added Doomsday Cage to Roulette variables, restricted pin/sub for it as well.
  • Changed the color scheme for "Available <Match> Type" for every match type.
  • Removed some Burial Chamber old match codes. Tidying up some files.
  • Added special match information for Doomsday Cage match type.
  • Added %blood to match information for the Ladder match. It was missing it.
  • Now !match information will also display if the match is a TV/iPPV/Mainevent or a Non-TV match type. Added this to all match types info.
  • Moved all special match information aliases to the central match_information alias for better code structure.
  • Added HP increase for players that are left behind in the cage, in the Doomsday Cage match type. (Only if the left-behind player has lower HP than the advancer)
  • Added specific match ending report for Doomsday Cage match type.
  • Added specific match ending report for when a Reverse pin is successful.
  • Added some missing match types to the !roulette trigger.
  • Created electricity timer for Electrified Cage match type.
  • Modified the match information for Doomsday Cage match, adding more items to the trigger.
  • Modified the !Help section for the Doomsday Cage match to fit the new modes.

AI Bot:
  • Fixed Forum posts announcement typo for iTNA cards new post on JBL.
Patch v6.5.12 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Added Tag Team mode for Electrified Cage match type.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Added !matchtypecount command. Use this to view statistics on the number of each match type you or someone else had.
  • Added flood protection for !Matchtypecount command.
  • Added "waits inside the cage" move to DoomsdayCage match type.
  • Made it so that in the 1st Doomsday Cage, you need to KD your opponent in order to climb. Not the case in the 2nd one.
  • Fixed bug in Doomsday Cage match where you could table without setting the table up.
  • Added HP recovery for both players upon advancing to a new Cage.
  • Added immediate climb to the top for Players left behind in a Doomsday Cage level.
  • Fixed bug where you could use moves in an Ultimate X even though you or your opponent would be climbed on the structure.

AI Bot:
  • N/A.
Anonymous GM
Patch v6.5.34 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed bug in UltraViolent Match type where the match would not start properly if the UV title was not Vacant. This was due to the last patch where I introduced the interm UV champ to be set if the UV title was vacant.
  • Added Tag Team mode to Tacks match type.
  • Added Tag Team mode to Caged Inferno match type.
  • Fixed major bug in CagedInferno Tag, NoSurrender Tag, Tacks Tag & eXtreme Elimination 3-Way where the bot wouldn't set the right amount of players.
  • Added Money in the Bank Ladder matches for 5Man and 6Man modes. (Needs intensive testing before booking on cards though!)
  • Added extra HP increase for whoever climbs through 1st the next cage in DoomsdayCage matchup.
  • Added, "Cash Vault" to buy and use from the Marketzone. Store your cash in a vault so you don't lose it during matches. After buying a vault you can store up to $25k. Be careful, every withdrawal of cash from the vault will cost you $1000
  • Fixed the alumini page. It should now update with the proper info on the roster/alumni pages..

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed small bug where the bot wouldn't put the players in the next cage when a quick climb would occur. (For Doomsday Cage match)
  • Fixed the match info for UltraViolent where P3 would have the "&" character attached to it.
  • Fixed a small color glitch in !lastmatches. All good now.
  • Fixed bug on match report card for Admins. The bot would not report match ratings for 5 stars and 5+ stars. it would just give a blank reply. This was due to remaking the match rating system and forgetting to add it to the report system.
  • !stats have been modified a bit to look tidier. Also Luchas de Apuestas and Legendary Matches stats texts won't display unless they have at least one numeral in them.
  • !info has been modified a bit to look tidier. Added "Manager" slot display. Moved Momentum on the third line. That way there's less flood.
  • Fixed Champions List bug where the bot wouldn't display the proper information for the Tag Team titles. If there wouldn't be any Last Challengers, the bot would add a "Nobody &". Made it so it wouldn't add the "&" now.
  • Fixed a small color glitch in the Tacks Match messages.
  • Added "King of Kings" to the !Trophies list.
  • Added history links for every trophy/tourney that was missing it.
  • Moved H0LLYWOOD memorial to the Trophy section.
  • Added "during match" info for Cage and CagedInferno.
  • Added extra info to match info for CagedInferno and Cage. "Door Status". Also made it so that if nobody is Gasolined, the bot will specify instead of giving blank.
  • Added CagedInferno and DoomsdayCage to bonus points module.
  • Added a couple of items on the marketzone to loan restriction, so if you have more than three loans, you will be required to pay your loans before using these items.
  • Added Broadcasting and referees to the iTNA Roster list.

AI Bot:
  • N/A.
Anonymous GM
Patch v6.5.60 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Fixed the alumni page. It should now update with the proper info on the roster/alumni pages.
  • Roster page will now read img files only from the main Roster server folder and will just auto resize as required. In the past, I always had to duplicate roster images and resize them myself and reupload them into a separate folder.
  • Users can now set their own roster bio picture if they wish to via !bioadd Picture. Make sure you resize your pics to fit the template so it doesn't look like shit. Provide a http link that ends in an image extension like .jpg or .png for example.
  • Bot will now generate a file for each ended TV card/iPPV and it will upload it to the server and create a history list. (this will save me from always posting results on the forum)
  • Increased marketzone prices for Burning Mist from $8k to $35k (kept as a Minor Perk though), Manager from $10k to $20k & DoubleTag+ from $20k to $25k.
  • Added reverse move for "Table" Match. There's a 1 in 100 chance that your table move will be reversed and you'll be put through a table by your opponent. (Thanks to Josh for this suggestion)
  • Fixed DoubleTag+ perk issue where the bot wouldn't give you back your double tag perk if both you and your partner activate it during a match. From now on, each team can activate a doubletag+ perk. So if one team member activates the perk, the other one will have his restored regardless. Basically, 1 perk per team for both teams if they do activate it. (Thanks to Josh for this bug report).
  • Fixed bug where !Kickout would glitch if both players would have it activated. (Thanks to oddset for this bug report)
  • Added NPC Players. !NPCMatch will do matches between designated registered/signed NPCs.
  • Added command !SignContract <NPCName> for Execs/Prod levels to auto sign NPCs to the roster.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Added Broadcasting and referees to the iTNA Roster list.
  • Removed "debug" noticing event in Object on the Pole match type.
  • Made it so that the bot will now display "0" in !matchtypescount instead of blank post.
  • Removed extra pointless code for !bioadd trigger.
  • Removed dotop10 for html in topwrestlers code.
  • Added "gimmick" buy option in the MarketZone. You can now buy a personalised gimmick and it will be added to the official iTNA-Ref gimmicks list.
  • Removed !themesong standalone trigger and added it to the !bioadd section. users can use !Bioadd ThemeSong to set their bio theme song.
  • Added !endcard for Executive roles. This will make a copy of the current card and back it up to a separate folder with the date in the file name as well.
  • Fixed alignment of 2001-2006 title history link on the iTNA title page.
  • Fixed bug where Lucky Chart iTNA Achievement wouldn't display the unlocker's nick on notice.
  • Fixed error message for informational notice about how to use "kickout" perk. (Thanks to Josh for this bug report)
  • Added an extra second for !heyman and !kickout triggers, for less CPU issues in the future.
  • Fixed "reverse pin" false result record. (Thanks to Josh for this bug report).
  • Fixed Momentum page. Upload wasn't working for this particular file. (Thanks to Josh for pointing it out).
  • Centered Momentum page into the iTNA site html body.
  • Fixed "Won at" & "defended at" for the tag team titles website display panel.
  • Fixed bug where bot would randomly tell you not to touch the referee in pure rules match even though the match wasn't even pure. (Thanks to Josh for this bug report).

AI Bot:
  • Added a fix for when the bot does a move that iTNA-Ref does not recognize. Upon that, the AI bot will check !h again and retry.
  • Added !summon <nick> for NPCs. Whenever you're booked against an NPC, you can now just summon it to connect and login to face you head on!
  • Added $setread for version and botnick that can be accessed directly from the settings file.
Patch v6.5.69 added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Added NPC buy to marketzone. !buy npc
  • Added !NPCS list (Will display the roster of all the active NPCs.)
  • added !fireNPC (will cancel the contract of one of your managed npcs.)
  • created Arm Wrestling matches. Use !ArmWrestling to view.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • fixed a timer for hindered that was randomly starting up without call on variable.
  • removed !buymask code as this was added into the marketzone script. (buy a mask simply with !buy)
  • removed a bunch of dead code from !Breakpin, hopefully it will fix the weird bugs we've been having.
  • renamed !signcontract to !signnpc

AI Bot:
  • Added !AItag & !AIdoubletag triggers for the auto bot. You would need to be set as the bot's team mate prior to starting the match. Then you can tag with it by using !AITag. It will automatically tag you in. Use !AIdoubletag for double tag.
Anonymous GM
Patch v6.5.99b added

Major Additions/Fixes:
  • Added Managers/Enforcers to the website roster list.
  • Made Auto Updater for moves list. From now on, if you get the latest moves list script from the website, if we add new moves to the list or fix broken ones, your script will auto update to the latest moves list. (Please download the new moves script if you want this to work).
  • Updated refbot to latest mirc version 7.66 for security reasons. (Some stuff might not work properly due to this update).
  • Added "Debut" date aka registered on, to bio page. Note that you can add a custom "Debut/Joined" through !bioadd Joined <your preferred way>. If you don't, the bot will automatically add your registration date.
  • Restricted !bioadd Manager to specific Manager names. People can also add their own custom managers/enforcers but they would have to buy that from the MarketZone.
  • Added "Trained By" option to !bioadd. So if you wanna add the person that trained you, you now can and it will be displayed in your bio profile.
  • Fixed and Added Title belt images for all titles history pages including the inactive ones.
  • Restricted !bioadd manager to work only with available managers that are active on the roster. (*see Custom Manager)
  • "Custom Manager" added to the Marketzone. If you don't like any of the available managers on the roster, you can now buy your custom manager/enforcer from the marketzone. It will be available for everyone to use and it will be added to the roster list as well.
  • Added "ORIGIN" name to your account. So from now on, if you register as NiCkExAmPlE, this will remain your nick in cards and matches even if people misspell it.
  • Added Referee Enforcer perk. Use it when the official referee is down and you want to pin. Command: !enforce.
  • Fixed a major bug in Flaming Table match type where you could table your opponent and win the match even if the table wasn't on fire. (Thanks to Vegeta for discovering this with his retardation)
  • Fixed what I believe to have caused the !Breakpin issues lately. I'm not sure if that's the actualy bug though, hopefully it fixed it.
  • Added "Stable Fee Expansion". From now on, if you register a stable, you can only be a tag team, which means you can only have two members in it. If you pay the stable fee ($50,000) via !Stable PayFee you will unlock the other 4 member slots, capt icon and co-captain functions.

Minor Additions/Fixes:
  • Removed some pointless moves like Double Powerbomb and Multiple German Suplexes.
  • Fixed small CTCP parse bug where the bot wouldn't display the version anymore due to mIRC v7.66.
  • Replaced security access codes from Insidious/Sherby nicks to Mephisto.
  • Added extra line in bio page where if you add your nickname it will also auto add your original nick.
  • Edited the "I'm too lazy to set my bio" message from the bio pages. (This is due to not setting a quote in your !bioadd).
  • Fixed bug where !bioadd themesong wouldn't set properly for your bio page.
  • Fixed iTNA title history page. IWWF title history header was not centered and the link wasn't working.
  • Added "Current Champion" Nick with link to their bio page and Roster pic to each Title History page.
  • Redirected "Back to title holders" to the correct link for active and retired title history pages.
  • Added extra help info to the Marketzone item thread.
  • Added X-Cup to the !card list in the bot code.
  • Fixed bug where if someone would kick a stable member that was already in the Alumni section, the bot would write them back into the active roster.
  • Added SongName to !bioadd as an option. This will set a song name to appear in your match entrance message. If you don't set a SongName then the bot will set it as "Generic Band" by default. This has nothing to do with your bio page theme song which can be set via !bioadd ThemeSong.
  • Cleaned up a bit on the iNWA title list histories.
  • Fixed bug in Arm Wrestling match where the bot wouldn't clear the match variables on stop or ending.
  • Went through and tested all available moves in the bot code. Some of them weren't working. As listed - Small Medium: Jaw Breaker, Neck Breaker, Face Buster, Reverse Jaw Breaker
  • Medium: Chest Breaker, Back Breaker.
  • Large: Vanterminator, Bonzai Drop.
  • Finishers: Rock Bottom, Low Down.
  • Regular sub: Laso from el paso.
  • Barbedwire: Drags face.
  • Cell: exit ring,
  • Casket: several moves weren't needed anymore. updated it.
  • I-Quit: ask to quit
  • FlamingTable: most of the moves were wrong.

AI Bot:
  • Fixed a small glitch for the ironman match. Variables wouldn't clear properly.
Anonymous GM
Starting today, I will add script log changes only to https://i-tna.net/viewpage.php?page_id=96

This thread will be closed.
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